Secondary School Testimonial

Tan Jun Hong was a student of Fuhua Seondary School from January 2013 to December 2016. He was from the Normal (Technical) stream and sat for the Singapore=Cambridge GCE-N Level Examinations in 2016.

Jun Hong is a quiet soft-spoken good-natured boy. Though generally quiet and unassuming, he is not afraid to express his views when the need arises. Jun Hong is a conscientuous worker who makes steady improvements in his academic studies and works hard to achieve his goals. He cooperates well with his classmates and is a good team member in all group activities. Displying a great sense of curiousity, Jun Hong is a voracious reader who reads books on various subjects.

Jun Hong was a member of the Red Cross Youth from 2013 to 2014. He rendered his services as a first aider at school events like Speeh Day parade and National Day rehersals in 2013. Jun Hong also pursued his interest in Infocomm Club from 2015 to 2016. He was a dedicated member who represented the school in Singapore Garden Photography of the Year Competition in 2015. Jun Hong also took part in the STA workshop in 2015 to further develop his Photography Skills.

Jun Hong has also gained valuable experience in serving the community. He actively participated in neighbourhood recycling projects by collecting old newspapers in 2013. He also too part in events such as Charity Bazaar, Flag Day, Loving Hearts Donation Drive, Realm of Tranquility and Project Love Chinese New Year Hamper Wrapping and Donation from 2013 to 2016. His contributions have benefitted organisations such as the Loving Hearts Multi-Service Centre. Jun Hong also participated in a cupcake-making mission in 2014 to show gratitude to the teachers in Fuhua Secondary School.

Jun Hong has an enquiring mind. He shows initiatives in finding out things on his own. The lessons and values that he learnt will surely help him to face new challenges in his future undertakings.

- Fuhua Secondary School Graduation Certificate